Flesh Seekers Triology

Coming Soon

Flesh Seekers – Young Adult Sci-Fi


When Kaitlyn, a college freshman, finds herself pregnant in a society that controls the birth rate under the rulings set forth by the Great Regions of Freedom (GRF), she must decide if she will trust her father or determine her own fate. Before she can chose, various regions are hit with outbreaks from males having bizarre and cannibalistic tendencies which is putting everyone in danger. Kaitlyn soon discovers that the love of her life has now become a flesh-eating zombie and is sentenced to death. As the world nears another devastation, the GRF refuses to allow the regions to return to a state of dysfunction and pledge to do whatever it takes to preserve it. Will Kaitlyn be able to save her baby, her love and herself or will the GRF suffer the fate of a zombie takeover.

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