A Christmas Novella

I’m so excited to announce the upcoming release of my Christmas novella, A Different Christmas.


This novella will read as a standalone, but it is recommended you read the series for more depth and understanding.

The final chapters in Raven and Lexi’s epic love story that began with Opposing Sides.

Having been through hell and back, Raven and Lexi beat the odds stacked against them and came out on the winning side together. For the past several months, Raven’s been working hard to show Lexi he can be the husband she deserves and the father their soon-to-be born twins need. Playing pro-football is proving to be more challenging than they thought.

As the weeks pass and her due date nears, old demons resurface, threatening to destroy what they’ve worked hard to rebuild. The birth of their twins reminds them despite long practice sessions, football games, and the holidays, what’s most important is the greatest gift of all: love.

The 35,000 word novella will be released on Monday, November 30, 2015 at all ebook retailers. Pre-order your copy today at the special price of $.99!
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  1. I don’t have a favorite bbf but I do have a favorite type! I love the take control, alpha/dominant. I feel that they are the most exciting to read about.
    I would also like to apologize. I accidentally hit the entry for instagram and thought it was the Twitter entry. I can’t do the instagram entry because it doesn’t work with Kindle. Again, very sorry for the mistake.

  2. OMG, I guess I would be considered a Love Them And Leave Them girl since I read an average of 2 books a day. I do love an alpha man. I really liked Alexander Avery in the After Dark series by Kahlen Aymes and book 1, Angel After Dark is free.

  3. i love travis walker from nicole edwards books..he is a alpha man all the way

  4. Alpha men for sure.

  5. I would take anyone of the Brand’s in Maggie Shayne books. They are fiercely loyal to there woman and children. They also sound Hot as sin.

  6. love Ian from Loving Ian — he is a definite Alpha hottie but also has a caring sensitive side

  7. Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights

  8. Vinny from the Alvarez Security Series

  9. Jamie Fraser. There aren’t words.

  10. Silas in the Ballentine Series. Strong, handsome man that is so caring and protective of his woman and daughters.

  11. Christian Grey from fifty hes my fav cause gorgeous tourtured billionaire who does everything for a woman he loves!

  12. I really enjoy SciFi romance and my favorites are Korba, Fremma and Dar, all from Shae Mills’ book RIBUS 7!! They are just the ultimate Alpha Warlords!

  13. I cant say i have a favorite ,i love them all.

  14. My book boyfriend is Ferguson the destroyer from dragon kin series by g.a Aiken / Shelly Laurenston because the love he has for his mate is so wonderful and the pain he goes through makes me cry every time I read it. He doesn’t change her he makes her better and stronger

  15. Jamie Fraser from Outlander. He’s a warrior man in a kilt with a soft side. That’ll do it.

  16. Mr Rodchester , from the book Jane Eyre. He ‘s a oldie but goodie.

  17. Adrian is my book boyfriend because he is very obnoxious lots of the time but can be a hero, a defender and a friend when the need arises.

  18. I don’t know that I have one.

  19. I think my favorite BBF would be Simon from Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

  20. Danyelle Wadsworth

    Thanks for the giveaway

  21. I have two BBF. Jesse Ward from This man because he knows what he wants and goes after it. Also Jamie Fraser from Outlander just because he’s so sexy and that accent ?

  22. My favorite book boyfriend is Cooper Thorne from Linda Broday’s, TEXAS MAIL ORDER BRIDE. He’s a rugged, handsome, loving cowboy!

  23. One of my favorite book boyfriends is Daryl from The Outsiders, he always puts his family and friends first and will always protect them no matter what.

  24. Jjamie Fraser is the ultimate.

  25. I love Travis and Nicole the not so perfect couple

  26. My book by is Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. I love his personality and he is a large part as to why I reread the book so often.

  27. I have lots of book boyfriends 🙂 Hmmm, most favorite type would be like Henry from the Neighborly Affection series or Charles from the Alpha & Omega series, something about a big, softspoken dominant man.

  28. I just finished reading Lori Foster’s book Holding Strong and Wolf Hannigan is my book boyfriend!

  29. It changes with each book I read.

  30. My book boyfriend is whichever book I am reading at the time

  31. My favorite BBF at the moment is Miles Haas from Some Sort of Crazy by Melanie Harlow! ♡ I love his mischievous side as well as his naughty side! 😉

  32. My favorite book boyfriend is Ian Taggart from Love and Let Die by Lexi Blake. He’s hilarious, hot, protective and soooo sexy ;). Thanks for the chance!

  33. My favorite book boyfriend is hard to choose. I love Romeo Prince from the Sweet Home Series or Liam MacCoy from the With You Series. Congratulations on the new release!!!

  34. Jenny Dauksa Schaber

    There are so many. A few of my faves off the top of my head:Travis Maddox (Beautiful/Walking Disaster), Colton Donovan (Driven Series), Mal Ericson (Play), Master Marcus (Make Me, Sir), and Noah Hunt (The Risk)
    They are HOT, loving, protective, fun loving and they know how to treat their ladies!

  35. I love the intelligent “nerdy” kind of guys. No alphas for me! I can’t think of just one book boyfriend though…

  36. Ridge from Maybe Someday he is just so perfect. I fell in love almost instantly!!

  37. I don’t have a fave bbf but I have a fave type. I love Dominating Alpha males who are sweet and caring and treat their women with respect. But they also can be the bad boy if needed 😉

  38. I have several and it usually increases with each book I read! Lol!! Two of my most favorites are Dragon from The Savage Brothers MC Series and Ian Taggart from the Masters & Mercenaries Series by Lexi Blake! Even though they are 2 completely different types of series, both of the guys are dominant (Ian really is a Dom), possessive, protective of all they care for, very sexy, and just true alpha’s with hearts of gold.

  39. Roarke from the Eve Dallas series by J.D. Robb because he loves unconditional (and has the patience of Job).

  40. I read so many books in a year I really don’t have a book boyfriend . Although I do like the guys that are nice a little money and love the girl!

  41. Honestly, my two favorite bbfs are Ryder from The Fae Chronicles by Amelia Hutchins and Rex Black from Yes To Everything by Shayne McClendon.
    Very different, but both are Alpha males who love hard.

  42. My number one bbf is Chase Grayson from Takk ng Chances by Molly McAdams!! He stole my heart from the first moment I was introduced to him. He is the perfect man to me!

  43. I love all the books but the three book is still the best. It really tells you the story of how much love their is with them two. And nothing will keep you apart from the one you love.

  44. I read the book 24/7 never have enough of booksssss!

  45. I am so Raven’s Girl..lol I love bad boys that have that soft side. I love how he overcomes the person he needed to be….

  46. Alexander from The Bronze Horsemen… He’s loyal to Tatiana and gives up so much for her!!!

  47. My Favorite Book boyfriend is Mason From Fallen Crest University by Tijan

  48. My Favorite Book boyfriend is Mason From Fallen Crest University in just love feel in love with him. He is a bad boy but he also has a good heart that why I feel in love with him

  49. I usually make all book boyfriends my boyfriend’s when I am reading each book and the I move on to the next one! Guess I’m a book boyfriend whore! Lol

  50. My favorite book boyfriend is Aron McCoy from Sable Hunters Hell Yeah series. He is a strong alpha male and is very family oriented.

  51. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice

  52. I’m a Raven stalker

  53. Wow I have a lot of book boyfriends but since my friend and I were talking about KA books the other day, Shy Cage is on my mind right now. <3


  55. I have too many book boyfriends to count but if I can only pick one I have to go with Roarke from JD Robb’s In Death series. He is hot, wealthy and knows how to love.

  56. Stephanie Puterbaugh

    I’m pretty versatile. I love them all, lol. No favorite here! Thank you for the opportunity! Rowdy from Getting Rowdy by Lori Foster is a good one.

  57. I always liked Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights!

  58. Sounds like a lot of people have already claimed dibs on my book boyfriend, Jamie Fraser. To me, he’s such a wonderful and romantic man. I would let him sweep me off my feet anytime!

  59. I love this series

  60. The strong silent type who grows a bit more sensitive over time would be my perfect friend in a book.

  61. Thank you for the free book and an opportunity for the giveaway 🙂

  62. My favorite is Jamie Fraser from Outlander. I like that he is kind, thoughtful, romantic, takes care of people.

  63. My favorite book boyfriend of all time is Roark from JD Robb’s In Death Series, he’s a semi reformed billionaire married to a NYC cop, and did I say sex on a stick?? Black hair, blue eyes and Irish !!!

  64. Awesome giveaway

  65. I don’t have one book boyfriend, I’m a book ho! Lol! I have many! I am in love with Ben from November 9 right now, though.

  66. I don’t have a book bf right now, (lol) but I am a total sucker for sweet, hopeless romantics! I don’t need them to arrogant and cocky. A guy who appreciates the woman he has is super sexy to me!

  67. Bryce Clark from the Temptation Series by KM Golland because he loves Alexis with his whole self and I love the chemistry between the two of them

  68. LOVED the entire series!! If you haven’t read this series, it is a MUST read!!!

  69. peeta mallark because he cared sooo much

  70. I do not have a bbf. I enjoy the characters and I remind myself that they are fictional. It saves my the trouble from comparing real men versus fictional men.


  71. Dana Fiore Stusse

    Christian Grey is definitely one of the top ones along with Zsadist from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series

  72. I have to go with Acheron from Sherrilyn Kenyons Dark Hunter Series. I soooo love him, he is everything I could dream of in a man LOLOL!

  73. Rhage from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series because he has a great sense of humor and he is highly devoted!

  74. One of my favorite book boyfriends is Mr. Darcy.

  75. Maria Theresa Santos

    Gabriel Emerson is my fave his beautiful, sweet and romantic

  76. My current fave BB is Raven, of course!

  77. So hard to choose just one! Alpha, nerdy, that doesn’t matter to me as much as a guy who loves wholly and completely, and knows how to treat a woman right! I love Lucien Delamere from Christina Skye’s Come the Night; and would love for her to go back and finish off her historical series. She’s left me hanging with wanting to know Ian Delamere’s and Connor MacKinnon’s stories…

  78. Fav Book Boyfriend is Damien Stark

  79. JZ Barrons from the Fever Series because he is bad ass and mysterious!

  80. Nice giveaway, thanks for the chance! 🙂

  81. Stephanie Andrade from Ruth Cardello Legacy Series because He gave up everything he believed in and changed his life for love!

  82. I have a few bbfs hehe Jesse Ward from the This Man trilogy is one of my favorites he’s so dominant but so loving towards Ava. He’s hilarious at how much he tries to protect her from everything n she’s always pushing his buttons.

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway ?
    Merry Christmas! ? ? ? ?

  83. Captain Georg von Trapp of the Sound of Music because he was a man of substance.

  84. I have way too many bbf to narrow to one honestly. My favorite may be Christian Gray just because he renewed my love for reading!

  85. I’ll be reading this one starting tonight :)… love Raven!!!

  86. I love them all, lol. I would love me an alpha.

  87. I’m really enjoying the Univercity Series. I can’t name one bbf. I tend to fall a little for the guy in each book I read. If I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t finish the books. I tend to pick toward jocks and rockers. Plenty of angst there.

  88. Favorite boyfriend is the one in the book I am reading at the time or the one I am hoping wins the girl if there is 2.

  89. Carrick from Revved by Samantha Towle – he`s fun, handsome and badass 🙂

  90. Book Boyfriend? I’ve got a couple. Of course there’s Raven, just want to take him home and take care of him. Then there’s Dante from Carrie Ann Ryan’s Dante’s Circle series. He’s one badass dragon shifter

  91. I know you’d love to take Raven home with you 🙂

  92. Raven is by far and I am trapped … Also Zack from Mile high series by Zara cox he is awesome

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