Alice Cullen, Thanksgiving Heroine

This week, I intended on featuring Wonderwoman but in light of Thanksgiving, I decided to write about heroine, Alice Cullen. I’ll explain why shortly.



The gorgeous petite vamp, proved her heroism initially by constantly warning Bella and protecting her when she was in danger by her ability to see into the future.


In New Moon, Alice takes Bella to Italy to stop Edward from killing himself.



In Eclipse, Alice shows her superb fighting skills by taking on a group of newborn vampires, out to kill Bella and take revenge on Edward for the death of Laurent.


In Breaking Dawn, Alice did all the planning for Bella and Edward’s wedding and that alone would make her a heroine in any bride’s book. I would have hired her in an instant to be my wedding planner.


In Breaking Dawn 2, Alice,  **spoiler alert** came forward at the last minute to show Aro  of the Volturi, what the future would hold if they decided to attack. She saved Renesmee from being killed and also devised a plan for Bella in case the Volturi did attack.


So why did I select Alice Cullen this Thanksgiving week as the featured heroine? Because I would love to be Alice for a day or the entire week. Just imagine all the things I could get done as Alice. Zipping around the house with no need to sleep. I could have the house cleaned, tend to my son, have time for my husband, WRITE and EDIT, and have the turkey and all the fixing’s cooked and still look fabulous. Sure I would love to be Alice Cullen for a day!




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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Boy, wouldn’t it be something to be Alice, or any of the Cullens, for a day. 🙂

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